LinYL Asia Scholarship Recipients 2022

Paulina Condor

Abroad University: Chiang Mai


Home University: Berea College

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Asian Studies

As a child, my mother always stressed the importance of good quality education and hard work, instilling in me a love for lifelong learning. I am studying Mandarin Chinese at my university and aim to obtain fluency someday. This is why I am so grateful for LinYL Foundation’s support for me to travel abroad in Asia and immerse myself in language learning. I will use what I have learned throughout my remaining college years and the rest of my life.

Hoa Ho

Abroad University: Yonsei University

Home University: University of Maryland,

Baltimore County

Major: Global Studies and Asian Studies

Minor: Korean Studies

During the time that I spent abroad: the people I met were wonderful and awe-inspiring. They all had traveled extensively and felt that there was so much more we learn from visiting other countries and immersing in various cultural aspects. It led me to reflect on what I wanted to pursue in my life and consider the opportunities available to me via education. For that, I am extremely thankful to the LinYL Foundation for selecting me as one of their scholarship recipients and allowing me the chance to participate in this life-changing opportunity to study in South Korea.

Blanca Osorio Ortega

Abroad University: Chiang Mai


Home University: University of


Major: Political Science and

International Relations

Minor: Communications

I have always loved being around different cultures and sharing my Mexican culture with them. Hearing stories of where people came from and what their life was like growing up would catch my attention. I am studying political science and international relations so that later on I can better serve my community no matter their cultural background. Studying abroad as a first generation college student was a stepping stone for my family and I am grateful for the scholarship I received.

Krishaia Martin

Abroad University: Yonsei University

Home University: North Texas University


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