LinYL Memorial Scholarship Recipients 2021

Symone Moore

High School: A-TECH

College: USC

Major: Global Health

I believe in the value and the importance of education. Education is the tool that will take you wherever you want to go in life. It truly is the key to success. The LinYL Foundation’s strong support of education and their commitment to honor their mother’s legacy is what prompted me to apply for this scholarship. I am so grateful for the LinYL Foundation and thankful for everything they have done for me!

Tina Li

High School: A-TECH

College: UNLV

Major: Political Science

My background as an Asian American has naturally led me to place a great deal of importance on education, which allows me to heavily resonate with the background of the LinYL Foundation. I’ve always strived for excellence, success, and education wherever I go, and with the help of this scholarship, I can continue to pursue these goals further into my collegiate education.

Mia Tracy

High School: LVA

College: Loyola

Marymount University

Major: Business


I was a vocal major from 2017–2021. This scholarship means a lot to me because the foundation of the scholarship matches the foundation of what I believe education should be used for which is connection. I love my education and believe everyone should strive to learn every day!!! 

Ahmed Saleh

High School: Valley

College: UNLV

Major: Biology (Pre-med)

I hope of going to medical school and becoming a cardiovascular surgeon. I came to the U.S. at age 14, and since I have not been well educated before, I had to learn everything that students here covered from 1st through 9th grade. However, since I had so much passion for education, I learned the basics of everything in a short time. By the time I was 16, I joined the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. It was very challenging because it was very advanced. However, that pushed me to learn even faster. I completed and graduated from the IB program. I am well prepared for the challenges that will come later on the road to becoming a cardiovascular surgeon.

Rachel Davis

High School: LVA

College: UNR

Major: Biology (Pre-med)

I was a musical theater major, but I switched gears when I realized that the actor lifestyle isn’t for me. I found the LinYL Scholarship while browsing through the Public Education Foundation website. At first glance, I didn’t think that my story related to their story, but after discussing the prompt with my father, I realized I have several strong women in my family who have dedicated their lives to education and who have really emphasized the importance of learning other languages. Education isn’t a means to an end; It’s a lifelong commitment to improving the world in a way only you can. 

Aleem Ahmed

High School: A-TECH

College: Virginia Tech

Major: Aerospace


I work as a visual director in a local company. Throughout high school, I competed at the highest level in multiple STEM competitions and have placed well at national debate tournaments. As I transition to college, I look forward to exploring new opportunities and learning more about the field I so dearly enjoy. I am deeply grateful to the LinYL Foundation for providing me with the opportunity for a better education, and I hope to follow their lead in fostering education in my community down the line. 

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